Eagle Ridge Goldens
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
(208) 659-0004


Welcome to Eagle Ridge Goldens. We are small, home based hobby breeders located in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, 35  miles from Spokane, Washington. We have owned and enjoyed Golden Retrievers since 1995. As a small operation our two females are part of our family and are included in our daily routine. Our goal is to produce dark colored, multi-purpose Golden Retrievers; structurally sound, healthy and confident. Our Goldens have calm temperaments that make great hunting partners and wonderful family companions. Our Golden Retrievers live in our home and our puppies are born in our laundry room, not left on their own in a kennel.

We go to great lengths to raise puppies from proven parents that will be healthy, good looking, athletic, and have the “golden” temperament that will make them wonderful additions to your home for many years. We take pride in providing each puppy with daily socialization including adults and children, as well as other dogs. Our pups are introduced to loud noises, field exploration,  riding in vehicles and grooming. This attention and socialization at all early stages of development, allows them to achieve their highest potential whether your hunting companion, family member or competitor. There is no substitution for this critical stage of their life. We only breed 1-2 litters a year and believe in Quality over quantity.

We know that owning a dog is a huge investment in time, money and emotion. At Eagle Ridge Goldens we feel that purchasing a puppy from parents that have proven themselves at home and in the field and have the appropriate health clearances is the best investment you can make for your puppies future. We provide a detailed health record from our vet, with dates and vaccinations/wormer used as well as recommendations for future health care.

If you are looking for an extremely well socialized, healthy puppy, you will be very pleased with your investment in an Eagle Ridge Golden Retriever. Our past customers will tell you about our dedication and commitment to each of our puppies and the difference it makes; this is why we only have 1-2 litters each year. I encourage you to visit our Testimonials page to see what others have to say about our puppies and their experience dealing with us. Additionally, we can provide more references from other folks who have purchased puppies from us as well as other reputable breeders and our veterinarian. We enjoy staying in touch with owners of our puppies and are always available for any advice and help needed.