Health Guarantee

We guarantee this puppy to be in good health at the time of sale. The buyer has five days to take their puppy to their veterinarian. If the buyer is not satisfied with their puppy it can be returned within one week at the buyer’s expense, for a replacement puppy of equal value or a refund of purchase price.

Puppy Replacement Warranty.

Eagle Ridge Goldens, the breeder, warranties this puppy against hip dysplasia, and hereditary eye disease for the first two years of age.

The warranty only applies if X-rays are taken before age 26 months and are evaluated by Orthopedic Foundtion for Animals “OFA”. No dogs over 26 months will be covered. We will honor only OFA readings. If they diagnose the dog as Dysplastic, the byer qualifies for a replacement puppy. If the dog has been breed before OFA evaluation the warranty is null and void. The buyer must send Eagle Ridge Goldens documents from OFA stating the dog has Hip Dysplasia. The dog must then be spayed or neutered and veterinarian document sent to Eagle Ridge Goldens. We will replace the dog with a puppy of equal value when available.

Hereditary eye diseases: The dog must be evaluated by a board certified veterinary ophthalmologists (OFA Eye Certification examination) by 26 months of age. The buyer qualifies for a replacement puppy when exam results indicate a hereditary eye disorder.

The buyer is responsible for all veterinarian fees including OFA examinations as well as shipping and other associated costs.

We sell our puppies as “Limited Registration” meaning the dog cannot be breed until it has received OFA hip, elbow and eye clearances (before age 26 months). After copies of these clearances are sent to Eagle Ridge Goldens we will change registration to “Full Registration” at buyer’s expense.

I/we, the purchaser, have read and agree to the terms of this contract stated above and agree to abide by them.

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This warranty is not transferable.